Rijtaks story

Rijtak started growing microalgae on a small scale in 2021. At the beginning of this year, an important decision was made to replace a few rows of our traditional tomato cultivation with a place to grow Spirulina. At the end of that same year we launched our first product. By shifting cultivation, we open the door to the food of the future.

What makes us unique

In addition to traditional vegetable cultivation, Rijtak distinguishes itself from competitors through its rapid and strategic integration of microalgae. The company's commitment to working towards a healthy and sustainable future is reflected in its growing practices. With Spirulina, Rijtak is a pioneer in the emerging microalgae market. This was made possible by a full backpack
experience in modern horticulture and the help of many institutes. With the rapid launch of the first products and with room to grow, Rijtak shows efficiency and innovation to bring nutritious Spirulina to the market.

The team

Rijtak's core team consists of four driven players, each of whom drives the company with their own qualities. Mia and Mark are the heart of the company. They are the third generation to run the company. Mark passionately shows his love for traditional horticulture while Mia keeps all the administration in order. Jeroen is a man with many talents and ensures that everything in the greenhouse runs smoothly. Jannes is the fourth generation with a heart for the company and a passion for innovation, namely in the cultivation of microalgae.